Pagebet XSS-EPOS™ Sportsbetting Kiosk Deployment, Durham UK

January 21st, 2007

BetXTech has officially deployed their Internet Sportsbetting Kiosk solution in conjunction with Pagebet (Formerly Reuben Page), UK’s 9th largest betting shop estate with over 70 shops. The kiosk terminals have been initially launched at two of Pagebet’s shops in the towns of Easington and Ingleby Barwick where Pagebet is a dominant player in the England’s NE.

The deployments clearly set apart this major independent from the two competitor shops (Ladbrokes and Coral) which are literally located steps away. Pagebet now has the upper hand in potentially acquiring new customers from competing bookmakers by offering more value bets and prices offered by the self-service kiosk terminals.

Pagebet’s innovative strategy is to offer LAY and In-Play bets to its customers as well as a broader range of Sports, Events, and betting markets not readily available over the counter. It’s clear that they have taken the position that it is all about offering choice to the customer.